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Psychology Counseling
Psychology Counseling

Psychology counseling combines the art of counseling with the science of Psychology. MedAsia Healthcare Complex has highly trained counseling psychologists who integrates psychological principles with the therapeutic process. We are typically focused on helping people cope on current circumstances; we tend to address long-standing and deep- seated personal problems. Our councilors are trained to cover both kinds of issues and are committed to sharing their knowledge and skills with their clients.

We offer different kinds of therapeutic approach that best chose by our counseling psychologists depending on their professional expertise to select the method which best fit for the client’s particular need. Also, our psychologists are trained problem solvers. They are able to draw on a large body of theory and methods to help clients discover solutions to their problems, and to devise strategies to help bring about changes on their particular circumstances.

Different types of counseling:
  • Person Centred Counseling- a type of counseling which urges clients to realize their own power and escape to their condition. This helps clients to discover meaning and purpose, to reconcile their thoughts and feelings and to come to terms of their painful experiences. It helps to recognize links between past and present and to prepare the ground for personal growth.
  • Systemic Therapy- this therapy offers a means of seeing the problem in a new light by reframing the whole picture. The clients are then in the position to free up the past and to contemplate changing for the better. This is especially useful when people feel stuck in relationship problems. It can help unfreeze communication difficulties, help untangle knotty family ties, and assist clients to change the negative systems that bind them.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- this provides a problem solving approach and employs behavioral techniques. This also includes Behavioral Medicine to help clients gain control of stress related symptoms such as chronic pain, muscle twitches, tension headaches and other unwelcomed changes to bodily functions. This recognizes that people often experience specific behavioral difficulties and need help to manage these distractions to their lives rather than analytical exploration.

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