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ALL-ON-4™ - Immediate Function Implants for edentulous patient

Orthodontic Dental Treatment In Thailand, Moving teeth around for cosmetic and function.

   If your teeth are overcrowded or you have spaced between your teeth, you may be a candidate for orthodontic treatment. MedAsia Healthcare Complex and its affiliate dental clinic Smile Republic in Bangkok where you can get a consult regarding your teeth. Our expert orthodontists have many years of experience in providing exceptional orthodontic care with various treatment modalities, including but not limited to Conventional brackets, Porcelain Brackets, 6-Month Smile, Orthodontic Aligners such as Invisalign.

What is Orthodontic Treatment?

   Orthodontics is a specialty within dentistry that focuses on teeth and jaw proper alignment. When teeth are no aligned properly It is very difficult to clean them and when they are crooked or not properly aligned with each other. It becomes a food and plaque trap, increasing the incidence of gum disease. This increases the risk of losing teeth due to decay or periodontal health. Also teeth that are not properly aligned can create functional issues and in some cases problems with the jaw joints, TMJ. Many people choose orthodontic treatment to improve the looks of their teeth but there are more benefits to be achieved rather just looking good.

How does Orthodontic treatment work?

   Orthodontic treatment is based on application of a physical but gentle force to move teeth in a desired direction. There are many different modalities and at MedAsia Healthcare Complex, our orthodontists are trained and skilled at various treatment protocols. Once you have a consultation with one of our orthodontist will inform you as what options are available to you based on the complexity of your case.

The complexity of the treatment will determine the treatment time as well as the cost associated with your treatment. At MedAsia Healthcare Complex we provide you a highly transparent fixed pricing to avoid any unwanted surprises.

What are the various treatment options available for orthodontic treatment?

   Braces: These are the most common type of orthodontic treatment. These include bands, wires or brackets that can be temporarily affixed on your teeth. Braces can be made of metal, porcelain (clear) braces and Lingual braces sometimes referred to as “Invisible” braces as they are placed from the inside and not easily visible.
Metal Braces: These are the most commonly used braces and are made from stainless steel. The best part about these braces is that the rubber bands that can hold them in place can me made from different colors to give patients a choice and variety. At MedAsia Healthcare, we have assortment of different colors that you can choose from depending on your mood.

   Clear Braces: This is a perfect choice for those patients who are in public or television and want to have braces that are invisible. The comfort and the strength are the same as Metal braces.

   Lingual Braces: This is a best option to hide it from the people around you that you are having braces as they are placed from the inside on your teeth. There will be sometime that will take for you and your tongue to become used to it. Only those specialists that are trained and skilled in lingual braces must do this procedure and the cost will be more than the traditional braces.

   Clear Alignments: Clear alignments are a new alternative to traditional braces with Invisalign being the first product of its kind marketed. Since it was marketed first in the 90’s there have been other competitors whom have entered the marketplace. In general clear alignments are a series of sucked down well fitting clear plastic trays that are made from digital view of anticipated teeth movement. The patient while eating and daily oral hygiene routines can remove these trays, however patient’s cooperation is needed and the trays must be worn at least 21 hours a day for best results.

Are there any age requirements with orthodontic treatment?

   There are no age limits to orthodontic treatment, however younger patients have a less dense bone providing faster movement of the teeth. Our orthodontists at MedAsia Healthcare Complex will be able to provide you a complimentary consultation as how long the treatment will take based on your age.

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