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Air Abrasion Brings Out That Natural Smile
Cosmetic Dentistry- Extremely popular in Thailand

   At Smile Republic Dental Clinic, our highly skilled and internationally certified cosmetic dentists are trained to give you
a smile makeover as few as two appointments. If you are considering improving your smile, a complimentary consultation
with one of our cosmetic dental experts will outline the variety of dental treatments that are available to you. Our expert
dentists will be able to discuss each option with you thoroughly and also inform you of all advantages, disadvantages of
each option. You will also be able to receive a transparent fixed price quote for any of the dental option you choose from
our dentists at Smile Republic Dental Clinic.

What are some of the cosmetic dental procedures?

• Teeth Whitening using a tray or a light source such as laser teeth whitening
• Bonding, also referred to a composite reshaping of the teeth
• Tooth Colored fillings with the use of composite resins or porcelain inserts such as inlays or onlays
• Microabrasion dentistry to eliminate pigments on surface the teeth
• Gingivoplasty also referred as laser gingival recontouring to lengthen the size of the teeth
• Gingival depigmentation to remove dark spots from the gum tissue. A popular cosmetic procedure among various
ethnics who have dark and high pigmented spots on their gum tissue
• Gingival grafting to cover teeth with heavy gingival recessions or those teeth that appear to be too long
• Cosmetic Orthodontics to realign the teeth in the proper position to improve esthetics as well as functions
• Porcelain Veneers or sometimes called instant orthodontics to improve the looks of the teeth
• Full mouth reconstruction which is also referred to as Non surgical dental facelift to improve not only the looks
and function of the teeth but also improve the overall aesthetics of a patient’s face.

     Dental Onlays & Inlays in Thailand

   With time, as we chew and flatten the surface of our teeth due to grinding food, the natural surfaces of our teeth as well
as any existing restorative filling materials are damaged. Inlay and Onlays are considered a stronger option to replace the
damaged part of these teeth.

   Inlays and Onlays can be fabricated from composites, gold, or porcelain. For esthetic purposes composites and porcelains
are most popular form that are being utilized.

   An inlay is referred to as inserted filling that replaces the inside of a tooth where an onlay represents both the inside and
also outside of the tooth structure covering the some or all of the cusps of a tooth.


   Inlays and Onlays are typically done in two visits. At the first session, our dentist at MedAsia Healthcare Complex removes
any tooth decay or an old filling that may be in place and prepares the tooth to correct angles so an inlay or an Onlay be
easily inserted and cemented or bonded. An impression of the prepared tooth is necessary so the dental lab technician can
fabricate the restoration. A temporary filling material is placed while the patient waits for the second appointment.

   At the following visit, the dentist will remove the temporary filling material and tries in the Inlay or Onlay. The dentist
may take an x-ray at this appointment to verify the marginal integrity. Once your dentist is satisfied with the fit, he will
use special dental adhesive to secure the Inlay or Onlay.

Advantages of Dental Inlays & Onlays

• Esthetics that resembles the natural tooth structure in case of porcelain and composites
• Very durable and strong after it has been bonded or cemented
• They stay highly polished without staining overtime except composite Inlays
• They are considered a permanent filling material
• More conservative than a full crown or a cap

Disadvantages of Inlays & Onlays

• Must be done in two appointments unless CEREC is used
• Additional material and laboratory cost makes it a more expensive option


• Patients have to treat it just like natural tooth, floss and brush properly and not abuse while eating food

     Dental Veneers

   Experience The Art of "Dental Extreme Makeover" at MedAsia Healthcare Complex Bangkok, Thailand

   The concept of dental veneers has been around since 1950’s but the materials have improved over the years. A veneer is
basically a thin layer that is applied on the surface of the teeth. Initially the veneers were done in silver, gold, then
composites and over the last 3 decades, porcelain veneers have become the material of choice. Porcelain veneers have
improved significantly within the last 5 years due to new manufacturing technologies as well as advancements in
techniques and placement of these veneers.

How do veneers can help you?

1. Veneers can be used to cover teeth that are stained, discolored, have a large filling
2. Teeth that are wearing out including the incisal edges that are brittle and fracturing
3. Can make the teeth look straight and aligned thus giving you a beautiful Hollywood smile
4. Can be use to close diastemas or gaps between the teeth

What are the benefits of veneers?

• They look just like a natural teeth and in some cases much better than a natural tooth
• They can align teeth properly for easy flossing and maintainace
• They do not stain and there is no need for continued teeth whitening
• Patients can have a white or as yellow of teeth they like to have as veneers are fully customizable
• Veneers are a much more conservative treatment to protect the teeth compared to crowns

How are dental veneers maintained?

   Just like natural teeth, they must be brushed and flossed 2-3 times daily. Patients also need to subscribe to a regular
dental hygiene schedule

What is Smile Makeover?

   Smile Makeover is a term that was coined by the famous ABC hit series, “ Extreme Makeovers “ and is generally referred to
as a transformation that a patient goes through to have a beautiful set of teeth. There are many ways a patient can have a
smile make over but generally the term is associated with porcelain veneers. Our patients at MedAsia Healthcare Complex
typically have their smile makeover completed as few as two appointments.

How to have a predictable smile makeover in Thailand?

   Our dental specialists at MedAsia Healthcare Complex are experts in cosmetic dentistry and other patients whom
they have their treatment completed with 100% predictability at our center refer many of patients who travel to
Thailand for the very same reason. Our dental specialists take the following steps to make sure that every case is predictable:
1) Review of each patients’ desires and the outcome each person is looking for
2) Pre-operative photography of each patient to review all of the esthetic elements that needs to be modified or improved
3) Review of various smile models and picture gallery with each patient to design an appropriate new smile
4) Diagnostic wax up to be used as a prototype for the final design of the case
5) Communication with our cosmetic dental technician to fabricate the porcelain veneers per design specification
6) Preparation and placement of the prototype restorations so patient and dentist can verify shape and shade
7) Allowing patient to check the final restoration before cementation or bonding

Preparing the tooth.

Dental veneers preparation requires local anesthetic in most cases. After local anesthetic is administered, our dentist
will prepare your tooth depending on the position of the tooth and the desired results that needs to be achieved. On average
your teeth will be modified to approximately 0.50 mm in shape in the front and sometimes on the sides so a porcelain
veneers can be fabricated and adopted easily to the prepared area of the tooth. After the preparation is complete, our
dentist will take an impression of the prepared teeth either in a digital format or by use of a dental silicone. After the
impression, our dentist will fabricate a set of temporaries to act as a prototype of your final smile makeover. Our dentist
will communicate with our cosmetic dental technician on how to fabricate and customize your new teeth.


Once your teeth are fabricated at the laboratory, our dentist will prepare your teeth so your new veneers can be bonded
and glued on. The process will involve removing your prototype temporaries, rinsing and disinfecting the teeth.
Then our dentist will try your veneers and gets your approval before they are bonded in place.

     Smile Makeover in Thailand with the IPS Empress Esthetics System

   Benefits of the IPS Empress Esthetics System - “Sexiest curve of your body is a smile.”

   To win the heart of the people around you, a beautiful smile says, I am healthy, confident and sexy.

   Ivocolar dental in 1991 manufactured IPS Empress; IPS Empress esthetics has been known to produce an unmatched life-like esthetics by resembling tooth characteristics and anatomy that are similar to natural teeth. IPS empress has such a superior qualities that is regularly considered as a permanent restoration.

   Our cosmetic dental technicians at MedAsia Healthcare Complex are extremely talented in cutting back technique where a processed restoration is cut back 2-3mm at the incisal or occlusal edges and porcelain layers are added to significantly improve the esthetics of an Empress restoration.

   With the help of IPS Empress Esthetic Veneer, we have been capable of producing dazzling Hollywood smiles in Thailand. In summary the Empress Esthetics has better color, lucidity, and strength. Apart from these parameters, the homogenous Lucite crystal distribution makes it better than the conventional veneer.

   Now an integral part of this type of restoration is Lucite crystals. The homogenous Lucite glass ceramic is capable of scattering natural light and produces a chameleon effect. Since Lucite crystals present there are not only dense but are homogenous, the restorations are as good as being natural. All these innovations have contributed to the improved strength and excellent optical properties of the porcelain restorations. These restorations demonstrate acceptable longevity, as compared to traditional restorations like metal-ceramic crowns. Apart from that, the number of clinical complications remains small.

Our highly trained cosmetic dentists at MedAsia Healthcare Complex believe that Empress Esthetic provides the following advantages:

1. Highly wear resistant, that is comparable to the patient’s natural dentition.
2. The layered ceramic is capable of providing natural fluorescent capabilities
3. The final resonations are a better and more sustainable alternative for replacing missing teeth or tooth structure.
4. The porcelain restorations are compatible to the oral environment as well the opposing and adjacent natural teeth.
5. They produce very low rate of bacterial growth
6. They resist abrasion from natural teeth.

Benefits to be considered for with IPS Empress Esthetic

1. This system is a leader in the presale ceramics
2. Naturally, they are highly esthetics
3. There is higher flexile strength because of homogeneous distribution of the Lucite crystals.
Optical properties are improved because of high density of Lucite crystals. The color and clarity of the restorations are highly optimized.

   This tried and tested system developed at MedAsia Healthcare Complex, in Bangkok, you can be assured that your new smile will be 100 % predictable, natural and to your liking. If you are considering improving your smile, the color of your teeth and get rid of gaps and protect your weak and broken teeth; Don’t look any further. You can have that Hollywood smile that you always dreamed of in Thailand at the highest level of quality and affordable cost.

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