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Extracting your wisdom teeth while vacation in Thailand

   Many patients who are in need of having their wisdom teeth removed, come to Smile Republic Dental Clinic and have them removed by one of our highly skilled Oral & Maxillofacial surgeons. This procedure has become extremely popular in medical tourism sector.

Why Do wisdom teeth need to be removed?

   Wisdom teeth removal becomes necessary when your jaw is not large enough to properly hold the tooth in position. This can cause the wisdom tooth to grow in angle and sometimes pushing against the tooth in the front or cause irritation of the soft tissue around the area.

   When a wisdom tooth cannot fully erupt into position due to lack of space, the wisdom tooth is considered to be impacted. The impaction can be only partially or fully impacted by bone, tissue or both. The classification of levels of impaction will indicate the difficulties in removal as well as the cost of the treatment. In Thailand, the cost of the wisdom teeth removal is substantially lower than many other countries.

The Surgical Procedure

   The surgery begins with a consultation with the dentist. The dentist will most likely prescribe a panoramic jaw x-ray or a 3 D cone beam to study the position of the wisdom tooth compared to the surrounding area. In the lower jaw, the dental surgeon is concerned mostly about the position of the wisdom tooth relative to lingual and inferior alveolar nerves. In the upper jaw the dental surgeon is mostly concerned about the position of the wisdom tooth in relation to the sinus cavity.

   After enough information has been obtained, your dentist will be able to proceed with the actual surgery. In many cases, the dental surgeon will ask you to take some oral medications to get you relaxed if he/she feels like it is at your best interest and there is no contraindications regarding use of such medications. All wisdom teeth surgeries are performed using a local dental anesthetic. After you show signs of numbness verified by your surgeon, he or she will proceed to remove your tooth. Depending of the level of impaction, your dentist will have to incise through the soft tissue and bone in order to gain access to your wisdom tooth. Due to lack of enough spacing, your wisdom tooth may have to be sectioned in to two or more pieces before it is totally removed. Upon removal of your wisdom tooth, your dentist may suture the gum tissue over the area to prevent further bleeding and accelerate healing.

How long does it take for me to recover from my surgery?

   The average initial healing time is within 72 hours with complete healing in approximately 6 weeks. During your initial healing time, you are expected to rest and not engage in strenuous activities. It is also best if you avoid sunbathing as the heat from the sun can promote further swelling. You need to adhere to the post op instructions as given by your dentist and take prescribed medications.

The Best Place to Get Wisdom Teeth Surgery in Thailand

   MedAsia Healthcare Complex in Thailand is staffed with highly trained and conscientious dentists, nurses, and medical personnel. The attraction for dental services and many other operations, procedures, and therapies has made Thailand a prime destination for foreigners to receive affordable and high quality healthcare at a fraction of the cost that it would be in America, Europe, or Australia. Wisdom teeth extraction surgery is one of the many surgeries performed at our facility and we would like to invite you to come in for a free consultation with one of our oral and maxilla facial surgeons to discuss all the benefits, risks, and alternatives that are available for you in getting treated in our caring environment.

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