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Full Jaw Fixed Bridge on Implants in Thailand
Full Jaw Fixed Bridge on Implants in Thailand

Once a person’s teeth are really missing or are in such a condition that they actually need some replacement, a fixed bridge that’s anchored on ones dental implants turns out to be the most ideal solution.

Prior to the introduction of dental implants, no particular solutions really existed for individuals who had permanently lost their whole dental formula. This has since changed and today, one can replace a whole jaw with the use of dental implants plus a fixed bridge. The result is a permanent high esthetic and stable solution.

The implant helps one to eat as well as undertake all functions just like the natural teeth. It’s a solid, stable solution that provides a life-long service. It also preserves ones facial appearance besides preventing any bone loses.


The procedure of treatment and the number of visits is solely dependent on a persons’ specific condition and is not as complex as one would expect it to be. In most cases however, four to five visits tend to be enough for one to have the installation complete. Most patients also report to have a more comfortable procedure as compared to what they were actually anticipating to have.

The first thing that has to be done is the actual placement of the implants into your jawbone. The implants will then have to bond with your bone for about 3-4 months. In this bonding period, you are still allowed to keep wearing your dentures or, if you have none, you can be provided with temporary ones.

Once this bonding period is over, the next thing that has to be done is to attach connectors that will connect your porcelain teeth to the implants. The attachment process is permanent and once it is completed your porcelain teeth will feel exactly like your natural teeth.

We at MedAsia Healthcare Complex, in Thailand assure you that you can now go about your daily activities, as you would have if you had your natural teeth and there will be no need to worry that they will come out. Considering the fact that you will not be able to remove your new full jaw set of teeth, you will have to take care of them by brushing just as you did with your natural ones.

Treatment course

Step-by-step installation of the fixed bridge

The following treatment course is just one of the few available options. Its recommended that one consults his/her dentist for further enquiries about the most suitable option for their specific condition.

Before the beginning of the procedure

At this juncture, it’s upon the dentist to decide on what really needs to be done as well as prepare him/herself plus the patient for the upcoming procedure.

Implants installation

The initial step comes with the installation of the dental implants in such a way that they replace the roots of the already lost teeth. The dentist attaches some temporary teeth that enable the patient to eat and undertake all the functions of the normal teeth as they await the installation of a permanent bridge.

Attaching the bridge

This is the stage under which the dentist installs the final bridge on top of the already installed implants. For those patients who want the installation to be done on a whole jaw, it normally takes two or three visits to completely attach it.

End result

The new teeth should at this point be hardly differentiated from natural ones. Individuals who may have had a traditional denture during the earlier times always describe this look as being an overwhelming one and that has a very positive experience.
One of the biggest advantages of dental implants is that the full jaw will have roots just like your natural teeth did. The porcelain teeth will feel to you just like your natural teeth and to make matters even better, they will be permanent. You will be able to use them exactly like your natural teeth with no discomfort at all.
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