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Gene Test Program
The Tests for Gene Testing includes:

1. Plasma tDNA Scan - this is useful in determining plasma cell DNA content and proliferation and establishing diagnosis for plasma cell proliferative disorder.

2. Plasma tDNA Sure - reanalyze all positive markers observed from the Plasma tDNA Scan after preventive treatment in order to follow up the efficiency of the treatment.

3. Cancer Stem Cell Scan - Custom screening for gene or gene product markers inducing continuous transformation of normal cells into cancerous cells in human body.

4. BRCAs Plus - this is to identify the pathogenic germline mutation in BRCA1 or BRCA2 or TP53 gene which causes Familial Breast Cancer and other related cancers.

5. ColoPlus - detection of KRAS mutation in stool DNA for colon and pancreatic cancer in pre-symptomatic or healthy individual check up.

6. ColoPlus Extra - detection of mutations in KRAS and other DNA/gene markers in stool DNA for colon and pancreatic cancer in pre-symptomatic or healthy individual check up.

7. Familial ColoScan - this is to identify pathogenic germline mutation in MSH2 or TP53 gene which causes familial Colon Cancer (CRC or Lynch Syndrome).

8. BROCA - Cancer Risk Panel- useful for the evaluation of patients with a suspected hereditary cancer predisposition, with a focus on syndromes that include breast or ovarian cancer as one of the cancer types. Depending on the causative gene involved, these cancers may re-occur with other cancer types (e.g. colorectal, endometrial,pancreatic, endocrine or melanoma).

9. ColoSeq - Lynch and Polyposis Panel- is a comprehensive genetic test for hereditary colon cancer that uses next generation sequencing to detect mutations in multiple genes associated with Lynch syndrome, a hereditary non- polyposis colorectal cancer, HNPCC.

10. UW-OncoPlex - a new diagnostic tool making a positive difference in the treatments and outcomes of many cancer patients. This test will test for the presence of characteristic genetic abnormalities called driver mutations. Usually, each driver mutation causes tumors to behave differently on the molecular level and, thus, have different vulnerabilities. Using this technique, the doctor will know which treatment will likely be more effective to the patient and which drugs would not be effective.

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