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Home Bleaching: Make Your Teeth Whiter in Thailand
Home Bleaching: Make Your Teeth Whiter in Thailand

“You can only hold a smile for so long, after that it’s just teeth.” – Chuck Palahniuk

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, we at MedAsia Healthcare Complex, Thailand are aware that nothing is in more popular demand than teeth whitening. Whether male or female, all of us would love to have pearly whites so that we can have confidence when we talk and smile with other people.

There are different types of bleaching treatments that are available today for every individual’s budget and needs at our center, which is located at Sukhumvit, Bangkok. You can take one hour to go to your dentist and get your teeth bleached there or you can buy a do-it-yourself kit from a pharmacy and carry out the procedure yourself at home. No matter which option you go for, teeth whitening has been proven to work although it will always need to be done every now and then before it has a prolonged effect.

Home bleaching is a preferred choice of many people because of variety of benefits. One of the biggest benefits of home bleaching is that it is the cheapest way to get your teeth whitened. It costs less than doing it at a dentist’s office. The other benefit of home bleaching is that you are totally in control of how white you want your teeth to be. The whiter you need them to be the more times you do it.

Types of Home Bleaching

There are two types of home bleaching that you can take advantage of today.
  1. Dentist Dispensed Whitening Kits
    This type of home bleaching kit requires that you go see a dentist or any other dental professional who will then sell you a whitening kit that you can take home with you. The majority of dentists say that these kits will give the best teeth whitening results out of the two types of home bleaching options available. These kits have a tube of peroxide gel that is lower in concentration than the ones dentists use in their clinics. The gel is meant to be applied on the teeth and left there for a minimum of one hour. The stronger the peroxide percentage is in the bleach the less time it can stay on your teeth. The kits also come with custom-made trays that you can use for the application of the bleach.
  2. Over the Counter Whitening Kits
    These are the cheapest options available when it comes to teeth whitening. All you have to do is go into a store or pharmacy and buy the whitening kit. It will have a bleaching gel as well but this type will have an even lower peroxide concentration than that of the professionally dispensed one. Unlike the professionally dispensed one, this gel will not be applied with a custom sized tray but with “one size fits all” trays. The disadvantage of this is that the tray does not allow you to get the gel onto all the teeth as efficiently as the custom trays do. It will take more care and determination to apply it all over properly.
One has to take care after bleaching the teeth because the teeth become sensitive to temperature for a short period. It is recommended to avoid foods/drinks that are too hot or cold. Foods/drinks that can stain the teeth should also be avoided for a while.

That is why we advice you to get things done professionally and at MedAsia Healthcare Complex, Thailand we are a leading provider of teeth whitening.
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