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Benefits of the IPS Empress Esthetics System
Benefits of the IPS Empress Esthetics System

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” – Phyllis Diller

While this quote is true for most people most of the time, we have to realize that it is our pearly straight white teeth that also matter. So, if you’re looking for a lovely, healthier smile that will win the hearts of those around you, IPS Empress Esthetics System is the answer to your problem.

Ever since 1991, IPS Empress has been known to produce paramount esthetics in the creation of tooth characteristics that are similar to the original ones. This system is so successful that it has achieved a reputation of giving long-term results, besides looking natural and maintaining a very high quality too. With the advent of technology the initial system has undergone several up-gradations and currently its latest innovation called IPS Empress Esthetic in the ceramics field has opened a range of opportunities, especially for veneers.

We, at MedAsia Healthcare Complex in Bangkok, Thailand, have gone just a little ahead to create a formula by mixing several powders that are used along with Empress ingots. The result: a compound called “Multilayering,” comprising life-like veneers. Our lab technicians have been using this method of veneer fabrications for many years now.

With the help of IPS Empress Esthetic Veneer, we are able to create one of the best, restorations in Thailand. Additionally, the material of this type of veneer has better color, lucidity, and strength. Apart from these parameters, the homogenous Lucite crystal distribution makes it better than the conventional veneer.

Now, Lucite crystals are an important part of this system. The homogenous Lucite glass ceramic scatter natural light and produces a chameleon effect. Since Lucite crystals present there are not only dense but are homogenous, the restorations are as good as being natural. All these innovations have resulted in improved strength and excellent optical properties of the veneer. These restorations demonstrate acceptable longevity, as compared to traditional restorations like metal-ceramic crowns. Apart from that, the number of clinical complications remains small.

According to the dentists at MedAsia Healthcare Complex, Thailand, there are lots of advantages of IPS Empress Esthetic Veneer. These are:
  1. This combination of several powders offers high-wear resistance, which is compatible to the patient’s natural dentition.
  2. The layered ceramic has properties akin to natural tooth structure that inherently had fluorescence, opalescence and natural translucency.
  3. The final results offer better restorations that are a sustainable alternative for replacing missing teeth or tooth structure.
  4. The final outcome is comparable to the patient’s natural dentition.
  5. Bacterial growth is low.
  6. The abrasion resistance is similar to that of natural teeth.
Benefits of the IPS Empress Esthetic System aesthetics:
  1. This system raises the bar for pressable ceramics.
  2. The restorations are true to the natural esthetics.
  3. There is higher flexile strength because of homogeneous distribution of the Lucite crystals.
    Optical properties are improved because of high density of Lucite crystals. The color and clarity of the restorations are highly optimized.
With the help of this tried and tested system developed at MedAsia Healthcare Complex, Bangkok, you can now smile more confidently as you can change the size, color, shape and general look of your teeth. So, don’t be embarrassed by that gap between your teeth, or those discolored, crooked or chipped teeth. Instead, get customized veneers that will make you comfortable anytime.
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