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Immediate Dental Implant Placement in Thailand
Immediate Dental Implant Placement in Thailand

Our dentists at MedAsia Healthcare Complex at Thailand are one of the opinion that your overall appearance and lifestyle is determined by a lot of things, including how great your teeth look. When you smile and speak, people pay attention. You are also able to eat without problems.

All too often, you go about your business not really thinking about your teeth and not giving them the attention they deserve. You could lose your teeth through an accident, or through preventable means like gum disease or tooth cavities. Your appearance and speech could be affected by the sudden loss of a tooth or teeth, and your eating habits could also change. Also, there deterioration of the bone around the root of a tooth could occur, impairing both your bite and your looks.

A lot of improvements have been made in recent times in placing implants that allows teeth to be mounted on them almost immediately. Within A FEW DAYS, replacement teeth can be delivered. We at MedAsia Healthcare Complex, Thailand have our latest implants, the Immediate “Speedy Groovy TM” that not only immediately replace your teeth, but also give your replacements the look, feel and functionality of your natural teeth.

The main difference between other implants and the Immediate Implant with Nobel “Speedy Groovy™” is the grooves on the latter.

The Groovy TM, which has new and unique grooved threads, allows the bone to form in the grooves quickly. Consequently, more than any other implants, Groovy TM implants are able to integrate more quickly. In soft bone indications, the implants with grooves are much better than other models, which do not have without.

More than in any other part of the implant, the bone forms faster within the grooves. The cells that form the bone benefit from the grooves’ osteoconductive properties.

There is enhanced stability of up to 30% when the bone forms within the grooves, creating mechanical interlock.

So what are the new features in Groovy™?

TiUnite® - The Big Thing Now

TiUnite®, a biomaterial, while shortening the healing period, is able to provide better primary stability than implants where surfaces are machined. TiUnite enhances Osseointegration, which works with Immediate Function™ to allow for a broad range of indications, ®. The roughness on the surface has been increased. The enlarged surface area gives the implant optimum surface texture.

If you are looking to have a tooth replaced, dental implants may just be what you need.

How It Is Done

Depending on what your specific need is, you need to consult our implant dentists for advice on the best course of treatment for you. The one outlined below is just one of several available.
  1. During Consultation
    Before the procedure is done, an examination of the affected area is carried out, and a couple of x-rays are taken to give a clearer picture of the situation.
  2. The Procedure
    After the implant has been installed, you will get a temporary tooth if your bone is good. You should be able to use it for biting or chewing food without any problems. The next step is taken after a few months when the implant has integrated with the jawbone.
  3. The New Tooth
    The permanent tooth, which is made of ceramic, is then fitted. It lasts for life.
  4. And finally…
    As long as you brush your teeth as often as possible, you should be fine. You will never be able to feel the difference between the new tooth and your natural ones.
All our Implants Have Grooves

We have grooves on all our implants, and where appropriate, we have them on the collars too.

Our Implant dentists at MedAsia Healthcare Complex, Thailand have put grooves on the collars of our latest implants, based on research that bone grafts very well on grooves. The results are that:
  • The surface area grows in size
  • The area where the bone and the implant come into contact also increases
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