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Orthodontic Dentistry in Thailand
Orthodontic Dentistry in Thailand

Are you really not comfortable while smiling because of those imperfect teeth that devastate your otherwise good looks? MedAsia Healthcare Complex located in Sukhumvit, Bangkok has many years of dental experience. This center is especially designed to cater to the dental problems of domestic as well as international patients.

What is Orthodontic Dentistry?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the correction of jaws and teeth. It is very difficult to clean teeth that are crooked or not properly aligned with each other. This increases the risk of losing them early because of tooth decay or periodontal disease. Apart from that, due to excessive stress during eating and chewing food, one can suffer from headaches, TMJ syndrome and neck, shoulder and back pain.

How does Orthodontic treatment work?

There are many types of appliances available to adjust the jaws and retrain the muscles in a way that they affect the growth of jaws and teeth by gently placing pressure on them. It is the severity of your condition that will decide which is the best appliance for you.

The treatment usually takes about one to three years to complete. The amount of time for treatment also depends on the patient’s cooperation and, of course, the difficulty of the case.

What are the various options for treatment?

Braces: These are the most common appliances used for this treatment. These consist of bands, wires or brackets that can be fixed around your teeth. There are several kinds of braces like metal braces, clear braces and Lingual braces.

- Metal Braces: These are the most commonly used braces and are made from stainless steel. The best part about these braces is that they can be made in various colors. The process of changing colors is very simple,so whenever you are in the mood to change the color of your braces, you can walk into MedAsia Healthcare Complex, Thailand and swap them.
- Clear Braces: If you don’t want your braces to be obvious, then clear braces are the best option for you. These braces work in a similar way to metal braces. Just like metal braces they are quite comfortable to wear and they efficiently apply appropriate pressure on the teeth to re-position them.
- Lingual Braces: If you want to correct the alignment of your jaws and teeth and don’t want to show the world that you are wearing braces at all, then Lingual braces or invisible braces are the best choice. These are applied right behind the teeth. They can, like traditional braces, be uncomfortable during the initial period. Conventional braces affect the cheeks and lips, but lingual braces affect the tongue. They are slightly more expensive than traditional braces as specially trained doctors and lab technicians are required for this job.

What is the best age for this treatment?

At MedAsia Healthcare Complex, Thailand, we consider that there are no age limits for this orthodontic treatment. It can be done when older if your dental and gingival condition is good. However, the best age is 12-13 years when your permanent teeth are out and your jaws are still growing.
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