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Screening and diagnosing
Screening and diagnosing procedures includes
   • Audiometer
   • Sound Proof Booths
   • Audiogram
   • Tympanogram
   • Auditory Brainstem Response
   • Oto Acoustic Emission

   We also conduct oral communication rehabilitation as a result from delayed speech, articulation disorder and stuttering.

   The most commonly used apparatus we have is Audiometer for evaluating hearing loss. This is standard equipment for medical and audiology centers. By measuring hearing acuity for variation in sound intensity, pitch and tonal purity involving thresholds and differing frequencies. The test can be carried out using different type of audiometers depending on age and capability to perceive sounds and is helpful in determining hearing loss in combination with other devices.

   Sound proof booths are used to proven and unrivalled audiology levels, guaranteed to meet all patient needs by controlling accurate testing environment. The size of the booth ensures patients to be completely comfortable.

   Aside from other facilities, DMED also offers Hearing Aides. These devices make sounds louder so people can hear well. Small microphones collect sounds from environments and adjust the sound based on the hearing loss, listening needs and the level of the sounds around the person. The signals are then converted back into the sound waves and delivered to the ears through speakers.

   Siemens is one of the most trusted brand that we are using which is mostly consists of Binax. This product features:

1. Real-time exchange of audio signals among 4 microphones
2. Have narrow directionality which focuses more precisely on the speech source at the front of the wearers by automatically adjusting the directional microphone. This helps people to better recognize speech in demanding listening situation while maintaining awareness.
3. Spatial Speech Focus which highlights dominant speech from any direction.
4. Ewind Screen Binaural Wind which strategically transmits audio signals from the instrument with better sound quality to other one without compromising spatial perception or speech intelligibility.

   Types of Siemens Binax:

1. Ace Binax- smallest RIC product available which makes it nearly invisible to the wearer. It’s fitting range is appropriate for mild to severe hearing loss. This product is waterproof, sweat proof and dirt proof.
2. Pure Binax- clinically proved better at hearing in demanding listening environment. Smaller than Carat Binax because it uses a 312 battery. The rocker switch allows volume and programme changes. This device is a Bluetooth ready and has tinnitus control feature. Also, this is waterproof, sweat proof and dirt proof.
3. Carat Binax- this type of Binax is featured as rich, convenient, easy to use and very discreet which includes new features such as spatial speech focus, narrow directionality, spatial configurator, binaural ewindscreen and e2e wireless 3.0.
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