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Get That Perfect Smile by Teeth In An Hour™ at MedAsia Healthcare Complex in Thailand
Get That Perfect Smile by Teeth In An Hour™ at MedAsia Healthcare Complex in Thailand

Modern technology has allowed millions of people to have that perfect smile which many have thought were impossible to achieve. Now, at MedAsia Healthcare Complex, Bangkok, we offer Nobel Biocare, which is the newest solution that addresses people's old dental troubles.

Immediate load dental implant technology or commonly referred to as Same-Day Implant Technology has grown so popular that it is considered today's treatment of choice for patients who crave to have close-to-perfect results for teeth replacement. This procedure has outgrown and replaced many other dental procedures because of its well established and trusted way of warranting the best possible dental function with naturally appearing aesthetic results.

People who want to submit themselves to this procedure are required to have an intact jawbone structure of both the upper (maxilla) and lower jaw (mandible). An intact jawbone structure will facilitate any embedded devices to integrate tremendously well so that it can be held securely in place.

Healthy dental bone structures are vital to the success of this procedure. However, there is also a popular dental treatment intended for patients who have poor or inadequate dental jaw bone structures, which is done through the use of bone grafts.

Bone grafts used are either artificially or naturally produced, each having unique properties that suit every patient's needs. Following bone grafting, the old and newer bones will be fused together and, thereafter, dental implants are placed firmly over the newly grafted bone structure.

CAT Scan Science and Modern Dentistry

At Nobel Biocare, dentists at MedAsia Healthcare Complex, Thailand, provide innovative solutions with the use of CAT scans (Computed Axial Tomography) and biomedical engineering to address dental issues. Modern science offers accurate assessment and evaluation of the overall dental condition and integrity of the jaw structure. A CAT scan completely clears all doubtful presumptions of dentists of the best sites to use for implant placement. However, there are also some doctors who don't have access to this kind of technology to locate the best site to use, thereby resulting in cantilevered implants.

Though the process of restoration or replacement of the crown can momentarily accommodate the angled implant, it might cause more serious issues. Nobel Biocare has come up with a CAD/CAM engineered device known as NobelGuide™ to significantly decrease any chances of poor implant placement.

NobelGuide™ is a groundbreaking method of dental planning and surgical implementation that enables us to fully execute comprehensive oral planning, with complete ease and accuracy.

Your edge with NobelGuide™ is the perfect selection of a site for accurate implant placement in comparison with the inaccurate system of the usual "freehand" placing of implants. With NobelGuide™, you are rest assured of accurate drilling of a site for implant placement.

Teeth in an Hour at MedAsia Healthcare Complex, Thailand

Another procedure facilitated through the use of NobelGuide™ is what we call "Teeth-in-An-Hour." This method is designed specifically for patients who have few teeth or none at all. Through the help of a CT scan, the implants are virtually placed on the computer, followed by a model created with the same site for future implants.

On the day of the surgery, the template is laid on the jaw followed by the placement of the implants through the guide and then on to the titanium framework. Afterwards, the NobelGuide™ is finally removed after the implants are securely placed. The entire process takes about an hour, thus termed "Teeth-in-An-Hour".
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