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Tooth Color Fillings in Thailand
Tooth Color Fillings in Thailand

If we were living in a really perfect world, then people would never judge others according to their appearance. However, we at MedAsia Healthcare Complex, in Thailand know that human beings are known to make individual evaluations that are based on what they actually see. For individuals who are self-conscious about the condition of their teeth and how they look should perhaps do something about it. There is something that can relieve that self-consciousness; and this is the process of getting tooth color fillings.

As a result of the ineffectiveness of the traditionally used metal dental fillings, dentists were left with no option other than to come up with Composite Resin Dental Fillings. These are colored tooth fillings that look exactly like natural teeth and are made of a plastic dental resin that is combined with glass particles and porcelain. These types of fillings are notably durable and look more natural compared to amalgam fillings. Composite fillings protect the tooth from decay, besides strengthening it.

Amalgam fillings involve the use of mercury to fill the teeth/tooth in question; the tooth looks great with the colored material which also makes it stronger, and one only needs to book one appointment with the dentist as this is more than enough time to get the tooth colored fillings treatment.

Old amalgam fillings

This is a filling method whose treatment consists of the use of porcelain inlays and on-lays with the motive of restoring back the parts of the teeth that require huge fillings; in this case the dentists use porcelain inlays and on-lays. These kinds of fillings are stronger as compared to white fillings though they do give rooms for excellent aesthetics, the filling is bonded the tooth’s remaining part.

Patients who have previously had their teeth filled with mercury or with amalgam fillings, as well as those who have cavities or broken fillings in their teeth, have nothing to worry about because our dentists at MedAsia Healthcare Complex, in Thailand can take them out and install composite dental fillings with professional ease. Mercury and amalgam fillings are easily removed to pave the way for their replacement with the much more attractive colored fillings.

Comparison between Composite and Amalgam Fillings
  • Both composites and amalgams are,in most cases, used during direct restorations.
  • Amalgam fillings basically expand with age, perhaps causing teeth to crack andneeding repair or filling replacement; chances of leakage are however very low.
  • Composite fillings do shrink with age and may eventually allow leakage after pulling away. If the leakage goes unnoticed, decay is likely to occur.
  • Gold, porcelain and cobalt-chrome are mostly used during indirect restorations such as onlays and crowns. Traditional porcelains are quite brittle and not generally recommended for molar restoration; hard porcelains sometimes result in excessive wear of the opposing teeth.
So visit us today at MedAsia Healthcare Complex, Bangkok, Thailand, which is located on the prime location at Sukhumvit for a smile makeover.
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