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Thailand’s Top Surgeons Extract Wisdom Teeth
Thailand’s Top Surgeons Extract Wisdom Teeth

Dental services such as wisdom teeth removal are becoming popular in the medical tourism market and Thailand is one of the top destinations for this procedure. MedAsia Healthcare Complex in Bangkok conducts free consultations for this and many other surgeries.

Why Do We Need to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth removal is common for people whose jaw is not large enough to properly hold the tooth. The wisdom teeth will often grow at odd angles and lodge themselves beneath the gums and bone of the jaw, without emerging properly. Because of this improper alignment, wisdom teeth often get infected easily as bacteria finds its way into the irregularities in the area.

Wisdom teeth that become impacted can affect surrounding teeth and gums. They can be difficult to clean and particles of food can get easily trapped underneath the loose skin where the wisdom tooth partially protrudes. The best time to have wisdom teeth remove is during the teenage years, when the roots of the tooth are not as deep and when the body is able to heal easiest from the extraction procedure.

The Steps of the Procedure

The surgery begins with an oral surgeon administering a local anesthetic to the area where the tooth will be removed. Again, if several wisdom teeth are going to be removed during a single surgery, then the surgeon will give you a general anesthetic, because of the trauma that the body will experience.

When the oral surgeon proceeds to remove the wisdom tooth, the gum tissue is incised above the tooth and separated from the tooth and bone of the jaw. The tooth might be cut into pieces to facilitate the surgeon in the removal process. After the wisdom tooth is removed, the area where the tooth was is usually stitched up and a gauze pad is placed over the extraction site.

Recovery Period

Upon completion of the surgery, the period of recovery generally lasts two days. The gauze pads will need to be changed regularly. Pain medication will be supplied by your surgeon with instructions on how often to take it. Applying an ice pack or something similar to decrease swelling will aid in speeding up the healing process. Definitely avoid any physical activity and get plenty of bed rest with the head elevated to prevent bleeding. Eat only soft foods and plenty of liquids such as soups and gelatins.

The Best Place to Get Wisdom Teeth Surgery

MedAsia Healthcare Complex in Thailand is staffed with highly trained and conscientious dentists, nurses, and medical personnel. The attraction for dental services and many other operations, procedures, and therapies has made Thailand a prime destination for foreigners to receive affordable and high quality healthcare at a fraction of the cost that it would be in America, Europe, or Australia. Wisdom teeth extraction surgery is one of the many surgeries performed at our facility and we would like to invite you to come in for a free consultation with one of our dentists to discuss all the benefits, risks, and alternatives that are available for you in getting treated in our caring environment.
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