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Zygoma Implants
Zygoma Implants

“The ideal treatment for patients who suffer from severe bone resorption”

Innovations in dental technology have paved the way for effective and successful procedures, such as the installation of Zygoma dental implants. In this process, lasting non-removable replacement teeth are supported by titanium dental root bases. For several years, this treatment has helped patients who could only be treated with removable dentures. We at MedAsia Healthcare Complex recommend this treatment for individuals with severe bone loss where bone grafting is not recommended.

Zygoma implants give patients who have resorbed bone in the upper jaw area a chance for rehabilitation. After all, it only requires one treatment without any need for grafting.

The first company awarded with the FDA clearance for Zygoma implantation on all indications is Nobel Biocare. The effectiveness of Zygoma implants in different regions of the mouth was chronicled in numerous studies, and every test yielded positive results. The TiUnite implant surface is one of several factors that make Zygoma implants very successful.

Things you should consider before getting Zygoma implants:
  • The sinuses should be free of symptoms and pathology
  • The Zygoma and maxillary sinuses have undergone radiographic imaging
  • The frontal maxilla should be able to accommodate at least two ordinary implants
  • The prospect of lessening or changing bending movements with the help of balanced occlusion, decreased cantilevers and cross-arch stabilization
Zygoma implants are different from traditional implants because they are placed directly on the body of the zygomatic bone. Zygoma implants also have different diameters, sizes and angulations.

How the Zygoma implant is installed
  1. Prior to the installation
    Our Implant surgeon at MedAsia Healthcare Complex will examine you and take x-rays of the affected areas.

    The radiographic imaging of the resorbed frontal alveolar bone, located at the upper jaw, will be done, with the following objectives in mind:

    • To determine abnormalities in the maxillary sinus
    • To evaluate the volume of the zygomatic bone
    • To check for concavities and to ascertain the topography of the anterior wall of the temporal fossa
    • To determine the thickness of the alveolar process (located in the maxillary sinus of the premolar region) as it will serve as bone support for the Zygoma implants
  2. The surgery and installation of the implant
    After the preliminary tests are done, your Implant surgeon will perform surgery and install your Zygoma implants. He will make sure that the implant is on the right path as it is inserted through the sinus.
  3. Attachment of the bridge
    A week or so after the surgery, your Implant surgeon will attach the permanent implant bridge to the Zygoma implant.
  4. The amazing results!
    Your Zygoma implants are sure to blend beautifully with your other teeth, and your family and friends won’t be able to tell the difference.
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