Our Medical wellness and Beauty complex offer you with various services to prevent, to fulfill and to enhance your strength for inner health for longevity, anti-aging medicine through appearances from Head-to-Toe with our trusted professional clinics, specialist and experts in Dental Solution to Cosmetic Dentistry Technology, Plastic Surgery, men’s health, women’s health, Skincare, facial shape, bodyline, exercise, Pilates, yoga ,Hair Transplant-Hair Growth. And Through personality image design that will furnish you to achieve your idol image with styles.

We offer choices of healthcare and wellness services from the wisdom of the east to the west. From natural nutrition with natural plant extract to Asian’s wisdom of medical herbs for treatment which could help to cure health’s problems or weakness shown from imbalance of inner health which could caused from pollution, toxic, stress, diseases, genetic related health’s problems or else.

MedAsia Healthcare Complex
Tel. 02-255-4882, 09-097-57721

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