Id Clinic believes that the purpose of the cosmetic surgery is not only to improve the appearance, but also to bring changes in the mind to enhance the confidence of life
Id Clinic understands the complex concerns patients have to go through before the surgery. Id Clinic guarantees patient safety & result with comprehensive by doctor with profound experience & expertise(more than 20 years), considering the unique individuality to achieve natural beauty.
Id Clinic pursuits perfection in both medical & patient services by providing comprehensive beauty solution based on the unique individuality,Such as Vaser liposuction
Water-jet liposuction
Vaser high definition for six packs
Fat transfer for buttocks or breasts Augmentation For face rejuvinization
Facelift surgery, Nose job, Hair transplant, breast implant surgery, Eyelid surgery, Lip surgery, Chin implant surgery,
Thread lift, Botox, filler injection and hifu laser and many cutting edge of the technology to provide impressive service for patients from around the world

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