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Removable Dentures (With Implants)
Removable Dentures (With Implants)

Losing your teeth can be a traumatizing experience. It might mean living with a mouth full of dentures. This could lead to discomfort, the inability to eat properly, and perhaps even low self esteem. Therefore, it is imperative that an alternative to the commonly used denture adhesive be employed to improve your self-confidence and even appearance.

We at MedAsia Healthcare Complex, Bangkok, Thailand have the perfect solution. The solution to this would be to have a full denture that can be removed, and have either a bar or ball attachment connected to it. A couple of implants in the front part of the jaw allow the attachment to be anchored to them. The denture remains in place on account of the implants, thus remaining functional and comfortable.

The specific requirements and needs of the patient will determine the course of treatment and the number of visits, which could be between 4 and 6 visits. A lot of people say that after the procedure, they experience a level of comfort they had not expected.

The Procedure
  1. The missing roots are replaced by between 2 and 4 titanium implants, which will remain underneath the gum for up to six months, during which the process of osseointegration happens.
  2. The implants are now uncovered and extensions attached to them. A bar is later secured onto the extensions. This is where the removable denture will be placed.
  3. Finally, the denture is placed onto the surface of the extension. It will now, on account of this procedure, provide a more natural appearance in terms of shape and color. It will also fit well and not affect your looks. Have a happy life!
With this kind of treatment, your smile will be bigger and your outlook, brighter. You no longer have to worry about missing teeth, especially at the front of your mouth. This method of having removable dentures provides you with the option to remove them whenever need be. You can brush them just as you do your teeth, in order to maintain a good, clean shiny look. Denture adhesive can be quite uncomfortable and messy to deal with, and therefore this option is definitely much better. In addition, the dentures sit comfortably on the gum, making sure that the comfort level is maintained. The entire process, including the osseointegration, might sound quite uncomfortable. However, it is quite comfortable as has been reported by many patients.

According to dentists and research specialists, denture adhesives are not harmful if used well. However, there has been a series of arguments and discussions regarding zinc poisoning from the chemicals used to make the adhesives. The process of applying the dentures using adhesive is also quite tasking, and many patients tend to shy away from this option. So we at MedAsia Healthcare Complex suggest that getting the implant option will not only make life easier for you, but also make removing and cleaning the dentures much easier for you. All in all, it is important that you be able to make decisions based on an informed point of view. Take charge of your dental health and take care of your teeth so that your smile can warm a room you walk into.
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