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Dental Implants in Bangkok Thailand
Dental Implants in Bangkok Thailand

At MedAsia Healthcare Complex, in Bangkok, Thailand, we understand that a lost tooth makes you feel emotionally bad, especially if you have to speak up or simply smile. So we have come up with a great new solution.

Dental implants are said to be the newest solution for replacing a lost tooth in people who want to have a complete set of teeth again. These implants are usually made from pure titanium, which is considered one of the hardest and most non-corrosive elements. Dental implants made from titanium are proven to have no side effects and any untoward manifestations, so is thus the most highly recommended material for making dental implants.

Additionally, titanium is also the most widely used material for dental implants because it is proven to fit firmly into the bone without having any undesirable properties that could harm the body, and it particularly allows harmonious adaptation between the gum and the new dental implants. These implants typically resemble the shape of a screw, which is then inserted into the patient's jawbone. It will, however, take around 6-8 weeks before it is tightly implanted into the bone structure. During this period of healing, the dental implants held in place are not yet covered by the soft tissues; hence another surgical procedure to attach the crown is not possible at this time.

The dentists at MedAsia Healthcare Complex, Thailand know that the art of teeth restoration does not only mean giving you a new set of teeth and a close to perfect smile; it will highly boost your self-confidence, confidence that gives you the chance to be mix with other people and therefore improve the way you live your life. Whether you have only lost one tooth or a number of teeth, we ensure that dental implants will enable you to chew your favorite foods again and also give you a natural appearance. Not only that, your speech will be improved, freeing you from any restrictions and allowing you to live an active, more sociable life.

Requirements for a successful dental implantation

Before a patient can become eligible for dental implantation, our dentists at MedAsia Healthcare Complex, in Thailand evaluate him or her for this procedure. The successful candidate needs to have healthy dental structures and good dental-oral hygiene as well. The patient will also undergo a series of tests to determine normal capacity for wound healing. Before dental implantation is facilitated, the patient's natural teeth are first rehabilitated and provided with treatment in the case of other dental problems like gum disease being present. The patient is also reminded that conscientious and regular dental visits coupled with good oral hygiene are the key of having a longer-lasting dental implantation.

Single Tooth Replacement
  • As a replacement for traditional bridges and dentures, modern dental implants are preferable because of their property of giving a person a more natural dental (cosmetic) look.
  • In contrast to the conventional three-unit bridge that is usually used to substitute a lost tooth, healthy teeth and other structures nearby need not be altered in order to support the bridge.
  • An implant is then inserted into the bone followed by placement of a protective cap. When the period of healing is ended, the doctor will conduct further assessment of whether there is a need to perform additional procedures to help build up the bone.
  • Finally, the crown, which matches the shape and color of the surrounding teeth, is then attached. The whole procedure of implantation takes a matter of just two months or under with only three-scheduled office visits.
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